4 Firearm Safety Rules

Treat all firearms as if they are loaded!

Always point the muzzle in a safe direction!

Keep your finger off the trigger & on the frame!

Know your target and what is beyond it!


Concealed Handgun Permit Training classes are offered monthly!  Concealed Handgun Permit is commonly called a "CCW" permit. 

If you are interested in obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit in Nebraska, the state requirements include this training class prior to submitting an application for the Concealed Handgun Permit.  Armed 4 Defense is here to meet your needs by providing you quality and economical training in a concise and convenient manner.  Our curriculum is designed to exceed the standards required by the State of Nebraska in one session which includes classroom instruction and range time.  This course also meets the training requirements to obtain Omaha's Open Carry Permit.

Armed 4 Defense also offers nationally recognized NRA handgun courses including Personal Protection in the Home (PPITH), Basic Pistol Shooting Course, and FIRST Steps Piston Shooting Course.  If you have specific needs or requests for individualized firearm training, please contact us and we can discuss your needs.  Armed 4 Defense can also provide you with an assessment of your home security with recommendations for improving your security posture and plans.

Your security plan should be multi-faceted and include as many "tools" as possible.  Anything that you can use to detect, avoid, retreat  from, or if need be, WIN a violent confrontation is a "tool".  "Tools" include your hands, feet, verbal skills, physical attributes, and mental conviction/resilience which you already possess.  Alarms, chemical weapons, impact weapons, edged weapons, electronic weapons and firearms are also tools that can used but the use of deadly force should be the last option!  Let Armed 4 Defense assist you in developing your defensive handgun skills and increasing your confidence to protect yourself and the ones that you love. 

Sign up for our Concealed Handgun Permit Training in Omaha or Bellevue or any of our Handgun Training classes.  


Military Discount $100 including immediate family members!​​


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