Our mission is to provide affordable, quality firearm and concealed carry training which will allow you to protect yourself and your family while minimizing your legal liabilities. 

Armed 4 Defense LLC Philosophy


I have been a member of the U.S. Army/Army Reserve for over 31 years.  My time as a solider has been wide and varied.  I am a Certified Small Arms Armorer and over the years conducted numerous training sessions for handguns, rifles, and machine guns.  I am proficient in the deployment and employment of handguns and rifles including tactics that will assist you in a confrontation. 

I have also been a police officer in the State of Nebraska for over 28 years.  In my time as a Law Enforcement Officer, I was a certified Firearms Instructor for several years and have developed the skills needed to assist you with correcting "bad" habits which inhibit your ability to puts rounds down range quickly and accurately.  You should only shoot as fast as you can accurately do so.  If you are a beginning shooter, I have the skills to teach you the basics of proper handgun shooting giving you the foundation needed to become a proficient shooter. 

I will not be teaching you close combat tactics, urban warfare, or even Law Enforcement tactics but my experience will give you some tools that you can use to improve your personal security posture.  I will also tell you how the laws have been applied over my career, however, I am not an attorney and cannot give you legal advise.  

I will provide you with insight into criminal behavior including techniques, tactics, and procedures used in the past by criminals to perpetrate their crimes.  Furthermore, we will discuss current issues facing law abiding citizens. 

I am also a certified Handgun Instructor of the NRA.  Regardless of your thoughts about the NRA's political agenda and stance about the firearms laws, the NRA is a one of the front runners for firearms training that included knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitude.  They have developed sound training techniques emphasizing proper and legal gun ownership principles. 


Armed 4 Defense owns the classroom and range facilities which allows us to provide the training when it is convenient to you!  If you have a group of people who wish to take the training together, please give us a call to discuss your needs.  We have flexibility and can conduct the training any day of the week and during any hours that you wish with prior coordination. 

I will conduct training to standard and not to time.  My classes will have an expected duration but if students can show proficiency in the material then a class may not run the full expected duration.  At the same time, if students need additional time to become proficient then the class will run past the expected duration. 

Armed 4 Defense can also provide you a variety of firearms to examine and fire in order to help you make an informed decision about which firearm to purchase based on you, your needs, and intended use of the firearm.  If you need to "borrow" a firearm, we can also accommodate you to a certain point.  Please call us to discuss your needs. 

Eye and ear protection is required on the range, it is best if you bring your own but we will provide it if you don't have it. 

We strive to provide realistic, comprehensive, training that is responsive to the law abiding citizen's needs.  We don't just cover the basics of what the law requires but will go in-depth into the laws, reactions to armed/traumatic encounters, and the after effects of these life threatening situations to better equip you to survive them and thrive after them.  

Armed 4 Defense LLC Mission